Lavender Forest Escape Game

Lavender Forest Escape

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The forest is like a land of purple for it is spring and the lavender there are blooming like crazy! The entire land is like a huge blanket colored in purple from an aerial view, but Jenny decided to check-out the place though from down below and to just get a whiff of that lavender scent. Jenny follows the path carefully as she goes for a lot of people have already got lost in there and one factor for that is because the weeds and the wild lavender covers the path. Jenny was happy she was seeing the huge fields of lavender and it's like her garden back home, but her happy-face slowly disappeared though for she realized that something happened and it's one she never expected for she was careful on her journey there.

Jenny got lost and her eyes opened wide for she just missed a moment of not looking where she was going and now it happened! She knows now how notorious the place of getting people to lost their way, now she really needs to focus before it gets dark. Escape players, come and help Jenny here find her way back for this problem is only going to get worst if not solved soon.

Lavender Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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