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Last Chance

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The warehouse that Randy was assigned into for the day is pretty old, he doesn't have to work on specifics there though, he was told to just look around and see what he can find for in a few months the place will be reused again. And so Randy did just that, nothing was out of the ordinary, just some old stuff were there and dusty rooms. But as he kept going however, he never realized he was going to get in trouble there and it will catch him off guard!

As Randy was walking around a certain area, the flooring suddenly gave way! Randy plunged a floor below in what looks like the bathroom downstairs! Now this is definitely something to report to, he never thought this place can be quite substandard, but just when he thought that's the only problem he'll experience, there was another! Randy tried to get out of the comfort room but unfortunately, he couldn't for the doors are locked and worst part about it is it's reinforced! Why would they build the door so strongly but not the flooring of this place? Well Randy can expect that he'll solve this on his own for no rescue will be coming, but as he thought though if the flooring there is not sturdy enough to hold him, maybe the walls are as well! Escape players, will you help Randy here escape through methods which was not typical?

Last Chance is the newest point and click room escape game created by 5n Games.

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