Larry The Unlucky

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Larry was born on a rainy unlucky day for most people and somehow, that was enough for him to be unable to cope with luck in his life. But he had adjusted to it though and become resilient towards it, guess he’ll just have to work harder and stay positive for one doesn’t really have to rely on luck only to be successful, he’ll get there someday. That day though, guess that luck had come to pass on his mother, for she went missing now and actually that is already a misfortune for the both of them.

Larry must go and find his mother for wherever she is, she might not be safe. Larry had readied himself with everything he needs and information, he only needs to get out of his house that day and be on with this. But his unluckiness struck again and it even happen while he was still in the bathroom! He couldn’t get out of there and he has no idea what made it lock. Probably his unlucky essence again, but he won’t be stopped by this, and escape players will you help Larry out so he can be on his way?

Larry The Unlucky is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Mobits Games.

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Walkthrough video for Larry The Unlucky

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1 year ago

By the time this game full loads, I’ll already be retired.