Languid White Monster Escape

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There was this white and furry monster living in the immediate forest from the town and the people are quite scared of it. They have no solid proof that it exists though except for a ton of eye witness accounts which can still be credited. Everyone is terrified of it definitely, except for one townsfolk however who finds this creature quite fascinating. The person was Edwin and in fact he even met the creature before and he felt a special connection with it. Of course he needs to keep the encounters secret for he knows he’ll definitely get it from the folks back in town and the worst will come to the creature itself. That day though it unfortunately did and it didn’t have to involve Edwin here for its capture!

The baron of the village suddenly launched a hunt for the said creature and almost immediately, they captured it within a day! Edwin definitely did not know what just happened for everything was too fast, but then it was done. Edwin’s furry monster friend is currently locked inside one of the baron’s houses and it was guarded. Edwin is planning to free his friend for this is getting his conscience real good, but to do this he needs to be delicate with the attempt and as cunning as possible if he doesn’t want to get caught and end this task successfully. Escape players, will you be the help so that Edwin can get this done easily no sweat?

Languid White Monster Escape is a brand new point and click monster rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Languid White Monster Escape

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