Landslide Lake Forest Escape Game

Landslide Lake Forest Escape

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The land nearby which is covered with a vast forest park reserve is a pretty dangerous place to go to, that's because the area experiences a ton of landslides per year due to small tremors that are enough to cause slides and of course the all common soil erosion. That day, Reginald went to the place to try and record the tremors there in different spots so that trekkers can be aware of areas not to pass through. Reginald definitely has a dangerous job and he knows it, but it puts bread on the table. Little did he know that on this trek of his, something happened and luckily it doesn't involve any landslides, at least not yet.

Reginald got lost in the forest for the path that he had took had somehow changed! That eventually led him to a place he had never been to before and upon knowing that, he kept his guard up, for the entire area is very loose and prone to an eventual slide. Escape players, Reginald might have been fallen victim to that path shifting due to seismic activity, will you help him find his way back before night comes? Place yourself on the shoes of Reginald here then and be very careful.

Landslide Lake Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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