Lakeside House Fun Escape Game

Lakeside House Fun Escape

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Your friend recently bought a Lakeside House. It was a very wide property where big parties could be held. However, there were only five of you today. This was the group formed ever since you were in elementary school. Your friend hit it big with her business and she wasn't shy at buying properties she liked. You wouldn't talk her out of it though. Her properties were making more money for her and you somehow enjoy the perks of it. She invited you over before accepting offers to use this house as a venue. You were so amazed at the size of it that you couldn't help yourself but go on an indoor exploration. You checked out how many rooms it had and what each of them looked like. The interior generally looked classy and you were finding a bit of a hard time associating it with your friend.

You were almost finished with all the rooms and decided to reunite with your friends. They weren't in the living room so you thought they might have gone out to the yard. However, they were still not there. You looked inside once again and figured out you were all alone in this huge property. Play Lakeside House Fun Escape room escape game by Fun Escape Games.

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