Ladybug Rainforest Escape

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You worked at a kindergarten and you were very aware of the kids’ unlimited imaginations. Sometimes, you would spend half the day just listening to their stories. Some of them had bits of truth. But most of them were just made up. You liked listening to them though. And you would map their thoughts at times. Yet there was one little girl who barely talked to you. You could just see her talking to someone you couldn’t see. Other times she would just burst out singing by herself. She had a nice voice yet it was still a bit strange. Then hero week came. The kids would be able to dress up as their favorite superheroes. You could identify most of the characters but this little girl dressed up as a ladybug. You asked her about her hero and she gave you an exact address where she lived.

So you just smiled at her but she began telling you to meet her hero. In your mind you were thinking this must be another imagination. But you decided to visit the place she told you. Upon arriving here, you could already see the ladybugs she was talking about. But the place was so wide that you easily got lost. Play Ladybug Rainforest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.