Lady Witch Escape

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There is a witch living in the town and even though she looks evil, eccentric at times and was sometimes a bit crazy, people respects her still for her intentions are good and she is even being commissioned by the king to anoint his warriors with protection whenever they got to battle or into a dangerous mission. The witch was very good despite of her undesirable traits and she cares for the people she lives with. And that day that’s going to be paid off. That’s because that day, she got trapped inside her small castle and Daniel who was a resident of the town went to help her quickly then!

Daniel have no idea what happened to her and why she couldn’t get out of there using her magic, but he is still going to help her for she is indeed calling for help. Daniel is a little bit concerned there though for if magic can’t solve this then what else can? Escape players, imagine you are Daniel here and you are still confused of the situation and what must be done to solve this. Will you have an idea here so that the witch can be let-out from her current problem? Use your skills and logic then, for those will definitely be required of you here.

Lady Witch Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Lady Witch Escape

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