Krypton Planet Escape Game

Krypton Planet Escape

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You are the greatest superhero at all time. No one can ever beat you with your strong body and fast reflexes. However, one villain wants to end up your glory days. He found out that your weakness if just one element from the periodic table which is Krypton. So, he made up his own Krypton planet and he brought you here. When you stepped on the ground, your legs started to shake. You know that you can't survive in this planet so you have to find a way to escape from here. Even if you are weak, you have to be strong so you can look for clues that can help you to get away from here. But the good thing is that only your body which is weak. You brain is still strong so you can use your logic to solve this puzzle quickly.

On the other note, there are more villains that want to end you up. Therefore, you also have to collect objects that you can use to beat them up. There are people who count on you so you have to do your best to escape. Krypton Planet Escape another exciting outdoor escape game made for you by Free Room Escape. Best of luck!

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