Koala Bears Escape Game

Koala Bears Escape

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The wilderness near the area where the outpost is has one job and that is to protect the entire area from poachers and absolutely anything that can harm the place and its inhabitants. Romy was one of the rangers in that outpost and he just received info that koala bears there must be watched extra carefully and were to be given more care, that's because their populations are not faring well and researchers as well as investigators must find-out why. That's why now Romy and his co-rangers must be vigilant of everything. One day, Romy was on his rounds and in a specific area, he found something which might be one of the answers why the koalas are not increasing in numbers.

Romy found a mother koala with her little one on its back and both seems to be trapped in a tree with some sort of chain! Romy quickly docked for there might be poachers in the place and he might get in danger if he does something. Slowly Romy goes to the direction of the koalas for he needs to rescue them before the poachers comes back and take their bounty. Escape players, will your skills and logic work in rescuing the koala bears here who got captured? Place yourself on the shoes of Romy then and be very careful with every step you make.

Koala Bears Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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