Knights Castle Escape

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Check-out another fun escape out of the ancient castle here. Knights Castle Escape is a brand new point and click old complex escape game from Selfdefiant for more fun escape adventures with us. Enjoy!

The Knights castle which was once a bastion of a very powerful duke and for his services to the king, he had made the place a stop-over for knights who comes and goes from the kingdom which was miles away. The luxurious abode here was never really forgotten through time, instead it was even preserved and slightly renovated so that it will not suffer much from the winds of time. The castle was made of hard stone and because Craig and his team of researchers were curious of the place from the stones it’s made from, to the old objects currently being kept in there, they went to it.

After hours and hours of their research in the place, Craig and his team got pretty tired in their attempts but well they successfully got some valuable data from the castle still. At one point, Craig dozed-off a bit on a chair in the place and it was a good one for they really need it, but when he woke-up however, something happened and now Craig’s in a weird and potentially serious situation there. Escape players, care to join Craig here and see if you can solve whatever problem just popped-up there? Go ahead then everyone, good luck and have fun!

Walkthrough video for Knights Castle Escape


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