Kitchen Nightmares Escape Game

Kitchen Nightmares Escape

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Try another indoor escape here from a luxurious kitchen. Kitchen Nightmares Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun on another escape adventure with us!

The luxurious house which Robert just bought has a lot of rooms and sometimes, he just gets overwhelmed by it. His favorite part of his new house is his kitchen, that's because he's a chef and also he really loves to eat. Months had gone-by and Robert is absolutely loving his house from top to bottom, he even added some renovations to make it more functional for him. But one day however, something happened in his beloved place and it happened at the moment he was in his favorite part of the house.

As Robert entered his kitchen so he can prepare some meals that he wished to make that day, he heard a mysterious click near his door and he just ignored it at first and continued what he needed to do. A few moments, his phone rang outside and he quickly dashed to his door so he can get the phone, but there he realized that something happened and it's both weird as well as concerning. Robert's luxurious kitchen here is turning-out to be a nightmarish one thanks to what's happening and he can't even figure-out what's really going-on. Escape players, Robert is going to try and solve the problem here, care to join in and see if you can successfully escape out of Robert's luxurious kitchen? Good luck then everyone and enjoy!

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