Kings Castle Escape (365 Escape) Game

Kings Castle Escape (365 Escape)

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Escape players, check-out this escape adventure here from a huge castle in the kingdom. Kings Castle Escape is another new point and click royal escape game made by 365 Escape for another dose of fun escapes with us!

The king wanted all of his men to really maintain their physical and mental qualities as well as their loyalty to him, that's why they are given enough so that not one of them would endanger the place and its inhabitants. Just under five years ago, the king had added something to their training and that is to enhance their logic in a way if ever something tricky might happen, they won't have a mental-block and make a quick decision if it ever comes to that.

The king had been testing his men by locking them inside a dedicated structure in the kingdom and it's quite huge. The training is all about dodging traps and solving puzzles in the place which are deliberately placed in there for them. As a knight, Trom had faced a couple of those challenges and this year they are about to tackle an extra challenging one in the escape castle as they call it. Trom might not make it on this one but hopefully he will for he really wants to. Escape players, want to try the castle escape here with Trom and see if you can successfully get this challenge done with flying colors? Go ahead then and you might become a knight for the royal family here.

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