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King Of Puzzles 01

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There is some sort of place in the forest which was pretty much abandoned but that's only for people, a lot had already been to the place and they always thought something is watching them, that's not where the mysterious things ends though, for the place gets a constant supply of different items from either of old or new! New as in tech and machinery. People are pretty confused where are all of these things are coming from, but they all know not to touch any of them at least the big ones for they know they won't return home if they do. But there was a factor though that there are people who were able to take things from there and get away with it, the fact that some people were able to sparked Paul's interests of the place and that day he went there to see if it's true.

Paul enters and immediately he saw the items all around the area, he picked the one that interests him and he wants the most, unfortunately it was not a safe item and that got him into some real trouble there! Upon touching the item, the place immediately morphed and Paul could no longer get himself out, for now the place unfamiliar anymore! Paul strongly things he got transported somewhere else in the forest, but he is still in the forest and he only needs to navigate it so he can return. Escape players, this can be a dangerous one for not all items can be touched and used. Will you be able to escape still if you are faced with the same situation as Paul's?

King Of Puzzles 01 is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by 5n Games.

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