King Kong Rescue From Cage

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The guardian of this forest is king Kong. People like to call him that for he is just one scary-looking black ape there and his face really sheds terror. He is not giant or anything, but the aura when he is around changes and people who have bad intentions of the place should just stop and leave.

That day, Anton went into the place just to check what was this strange coming from the place. As he arrive in this area, there he found king Kong trapped inside some cage and is wailing! Looks like his enemies succeeded on plotting against him, but Anton thought he really needs to free Kong there for each moment that he is trapped, are moments this land is vulnerable. Escape players, Anton needs some help to free king Kong from the cage. Will you be able to do that so he can return being the guardian of this place?

King Kong Rescue From Cage is a brand new point-and-click animal rescue wilderness escape game released by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for King Kong Rescue From Cage

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