Kinder Garden Escape Game

Kinder Garden Escape
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The Kinder garden tutoring center has a whole lot of students in different ages whom after school they go there for a session to really get-on with the subjects they tackled throughout the day, that's so they can really understand it well. As a front-desk there, Lumina often has a very busy job especially when the schools' dismissal time comes, the place is just packed at times for they are quite the tutoring center that gets the job done well. That day it was already late and most of the students have already left the center, Lumina has some slack now when at some point one of the last students there who was a small girl lost something and she needs help.

The girl's name was Lori and she had lost a few items which were a notebook, a pencil, an apple, and a water-bottle. Lori looked at her and she was sad so Lumina just decided to help her for besides she has the slack at the moment and she knows there weren't anybody coming in the next hour, and so she went with Lori to find the lost items. Escape players, there are a lot of places to look here in the center, the place has a backyard, side-yards, and a front recreational area, not to mention the rooms in the place. But will you help Lumina find those lost items still before her parents return?

Kinder Garden Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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