Kidzee Room Escape Game

Kidzee Room Escape

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The sky was getting darker when you passed by the playground. It was about to rain but you still stayed out. You simply like the rain and was hoping that you'd be drenched with it. You stopped in front of the playground and thought about waiting for the rain there. However, as you approached the entrance, it was locked. So you walked around hoping to find another exit. But what you found instead was a kid inside one of the playroom. You called out to him but he seemed to be having a good time. You were in conflict about leaving the child alone or helping get out. Then you made up your mind. You were going to return the kid to his parents. So you climbed over the gates of the playground to get to the playhouse. He didn't see you at first.

But then you found your way in and asked him to go with you to see his parents. He refused and was making a fuss. Then you thought you were still a stranger to him. So you asked for his parent's phone number. He couldn't remember it but it was in his ID and you got their permission. As you were about to leave the place, the door wouldn't open. Play Kidzee Room Escape room escape game by Kidzee Online Games.

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