Kids Room Escape 51 Game

Kids Room Escape 51

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In the previous escape adventure, Bill was trying to escape from the escape house he tackled which was being guided or misguided by kids. And at the moment, he is still trying to escape up to now for he keeps falling from the kids' tricks! Bill have managed to escape from some of the rooms at least for he still has some skills and he follows his instincts from time to time, but the kids are rather convincing sometimes and he cannot deny their guidance for they are at times right, and plus they make situations easier when they are right.

Escape players, Bill will continue his escape here for he thinks there are still more rooms to tackle in this place. Want to join Bill once again and see if you can all escape from the challenges from this house and finally? Bill is still up for now but he doesn't know how long so, quickly and find the way out of there now.

Kids Room Escape 51 is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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