Kids Room Escape 5 Game

Kids Room Escape 5

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You liked having free time but you liked earning more. So for the short break this year, you decided to babysit some of your friends' children. They weren't that hard to take care of since they were quite independent themselves. However, you just had to provide them with things to do for problems would start appearing once they were bored. There was a time you thought they were just playing quietly. But when you turned around, they were already by the door getting ready to leave. That memory still haunt you so you always make sure to lock the door and prepare a lot of stuffs for them to do. You only had one client for the day. Some of the kids were with their parents enjoying the break as well. One child remained with you. You smiled at the thought that problems were far from arising.

However, you were just starting to eat your snack when you heard a door closed. You wouldn't mind it usually but this time you felt that something was off. You realized some of the kids were also there and they had done something which closed the doors. Play Kids Room Escape 5 room escape game by Amgel Escape.

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