Kids Playroom Escape (Avm Games) Game

Kids Playroom Escape (Avm Games)

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You keep telling them that you are not a kid anymore but they insist to listen. The thing is, you are already a teenager but they still leave you on Kids Playroom whenever they need to do errands. The staffs are laughing at you. This is not funny anymore. You have to step up and prove that you are old enough to be out of this room. For you to do that, you have to solve the puzzles around the playroom. Then, you have to gather items that you can use to open the door. You can't wait for a whole day for them to pick you up. You would rather watch tv in your home than to play with stuffed toys with the kids in this room.

The good news is, there are clues that you can find around the room. Those clues can help you out so you have to find all of those. These kids can't help you so you have to use your logic to escape from the room as quickly as you can. Kids Playroom Escape (Avm Games) is a brand point and click new room escape game from Avm Games that will test your escape skills. Best of luck!

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