Kids Play Room Escape 2 Game

Kids Play Room Escape 2

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After leaving your country, you're hired as a helper in an apartment. The family that you serve has one child whom they lover very much. You're worrying at first whether you can really perform all the required tasks. But as days go by, you begin to feel more comfortable in your new home. Also, the kid you're taking care of has good manners and is very polite. He even helps you at times and you don't reprimand him. You believe that even if he's a boy, he needs to learn these stuffs as well. He's quite a pretty normal child. But sometimes you see him being alone inside a room tinkering with some stuffs. He seems to enjoy being alone inside his play room. You don't see anything wrong with it so you let him be. That is until you see some things levitating next him to him.

The moment you notice the levitating object, the door to his play room instantly closes. You can hear the boy screaming inside but you feel so helpless. Then silence follows. You try to open the door but you still can't. So you call out to the boy and you can hear soft sobs. You assure him that you'll get him out soon. Play Kids Play Room Escape 2 room escape game by Knf Games.


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