Kid Room Escape 3

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You have a very cute neighbor. He has Chinese-like eyes and is a chubby little kid. He was shy towards you at first. You remember how he used to hide behind his mother when passing in front of your house. After a few months, he became comfortable with you. And that’s when you realized what he truly is. His mom usually asks you to watch over him as she goes to work. She pays you to do it as she knows how much patience you should have when facing him. Sometimes, you don’t think that the pay you receive is enough for all the troubles he’s causing. His mom is a very kind woman though his father gives tough love. But this kid can be such an angel especially when he’s asleep. So while he’s still sleeping, his parents go out to shop.

This is one of the very few times where the kid’s parents have time to do stuffs they love peacefully. His parents want you to stay with him when he wakes up until they return. It means another saving for you so you agree with them. A few minutes after they leave the house, the kid inside wakes up. He wants to go out so you walk towards the door to enter his house and talk to him. But you can’t. Play Kid Room Escape 3 room escape game by Escape Games 3.

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