Karate Girl Escape Game

Karate Girl Escape

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There was this girl who just recently moved in the village and she has a craft, and that is on the side of self-defense. The girl was in the field of karate and even though she wasn't an expert yet, she shares what she constantly learns to villager kids so they can defend themselves when the need surfaces. Everyone looks-up to the girl for she was helping the villagers in her own way and for them she was already a professional. But not all days everyone gets help from her, for one day she was the one who was in-need of it because a strange problem happened in her home!

She accidentally got trapped in there and because she can't use her skills to destroy anything in-order to escape, she is going to need some help to escape the house. Escape players, you play as one of the villagers here and it is understandable that she can't destroy anything, for the house was only offered to her so she'll have a place to stay in, will you be able to help her out and figure-out then what happened?

Save someone here then everyone who was trapped in a house! Karate Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Avm Games.

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