Kangaroo City Escape Game

Kangaroo City Escape

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In the middle of the city, a national zoo stands and it's the biggest in the country. They hold various animals in there and not even one escaped from their enclosures for the place was heavily and constantly maintained. One day however, something uncalled for happened and Amado who was one of the workers there witnessed it for himself but when he tried to fix it, it was already too late. Amado saw the kangaroos' cage open and he almost slipped when he ran towards it just to close the thing, but he saw a kangaroo in the distance running away and heading for the exit!

It was too late indeed and Amado was the first responders in getting the animal back before it gets hurt. Amado tried his best to follow its tracks in the city and quickly for not only that the animal might get injured, they assumed that the animal was carrying a little-one! All the more they wanted to recapture it as soon as possible. Escape players, Amado eventually found the animal but it seems to be trapped with something beside a tree and when he saw it, he almost broke-down. He needs to free the animal now and get it back to the zoo where it can be safe, will you help him out by first tinkering with the shackles?

Kangaroo City Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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