Junior School Escape Game

Junior School Escape

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You work overtime in the studio trying to make things perfect for your client. You're a director but you do more than just directing. You also look for possible places to shoot various scenes for your client. One of the scenes requires a school setting. So after work, you go inside the schools you pass by along the way. There's a certain feel that you want to find in a school. You entered three schools already. But none of them gave you what you were looking for. It's getting deeper and deeper into the night. You look at your watch and decide to have one last go at the next school you'll pass by. If that still won't work, then you'll just have to continue the next day. The guard let you explore the school upon seeing your ID. You're hoping he'll accompany you.

But he must have other things to do that he let you walk around on your own. You come upon a room that has the atmosphere you're looking for. You peer inside to see more of it when a boy standing there startle you. A scream almost escape your mouth yet you manage to hold it in. After a few questions, you know you just have to help the boy get out of there. Play Junior School Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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