Junior Kindergarten Escape Game

Junior Kindergarten Escape

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Enjoy the escape adventure here escape everyone! Junior Kindergarten Escape is the newest point and click escape game created by Genie Fun Games for more fun escapes with us this time, inside a day-care.

Dara have been working for quite a while now in the local kindergarten and by a while, it's more or less 15 years. Throughout the years, nothing so serious had happened while she was on duty except that time there was a small fire in the store room, but it was taken-care of quickly before it could even spread. One day however, something happened that Dara thought this was a first in her years working in the place.

As Dara was cleaning around the place for clutter and all sorts of misplaced toys, she realized that something was going-on in the kindergarten and the first thing she noticed was the doors and it couldn't be opened! Dara was getting even more hysterical as she finds-out that every door for the exit in the place are all locked. Something is definitely going-on here and because Dara is currently alone in the premises, she couldn't get any help from anyone or anybody and well, she must do the escape and find some answers then all on her own. Escape players, she won't be alone if you join in the escape adventure! Place yourself on the situation and use the best of your skills as well as your logic for the escape. Good luck and have fun with us daily.

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