Jungle Tribal House Escape Game

Jungle Tribal House Escape

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For so many years, you and your friends are looking for properties to buy. You want to strengthen your real estate business. So all of you are always on the lookout for houses that you can renovate and sell. Your search doesn't only cover the cities. You likewise search unusual locations as they can most of the time cost more. For this week, your assignment is to look for properties in unexpected areas. You can't think of any place at the moment but the jungle. So you try your luck in finding a house there. Surprisingly, deep within the jungle is a clearing where a house stands. You can't believe your eyes and you somehow think you're just seeing things. But the structure is really there and it doesn't even look like an old one. You believe someone is residing in this house and you need to talk to him.

Leaving this spot can make things tricky as you're not really good with directions. So you wait for a while until someone comes out from the house. Time is running out and you just have to get inside to see the owner. The door is unlocked and you just step inside hoping to see him. Instead you find yourself stuck inside. Play Jungle Tribal House Escape outdoor escape game Avm Games.

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