Jungle Tortoise Escape

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The greenish tinge of the forest have now disappeared for the sun had already set an hour ago and darkness had already set in. Perry however was not scared, well he once was but because he does this every week after he goes home from work, it kind of grew on to him. Perry is now passing through when for the first time he made a wrong turn! That led him to a house which seems to be abandoned. Perry had a wide-eye then for not only he didn’t expect that he’d get lost, he really didn’t expect also that there was a house there! But it seems unoccupied at the moment and as he checks it, he saw there was a cage inside.

Perry got even more curious so he squinted to see what’s inside that cage, to his surprise it was one of the rare turtles endemic to the area and when he realized that, the thought of poachers in the area quickly came to him! He had heard of that notice from the ranger before and it seems that he had stumbled into one of their settlements in this forest. Perry really wanted to mind his own business here, but he was the kind of guy who wanted to always make a difference especially to the forest where he lives. Well escape players, Perry is going to free that turtle and quickly before somebody comes, will you help him then with this potentially dangerous task?

Jungle Tortoise Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.