Jungle Island Escape

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You’ve been through many places for the whole time you’ve been travelling. You’ve explored a lot of cities and interacted with their challenging people. Some cities were very modern that you can just bark orders and the things around you respond. Other cities were still in the developing state that you felt like staying in ancient times would be better. All these experiences made you realize many things. However, you feel like your relationship with nature deserves more attention. So this time, you planned your travel to interact with nature. You chose to stay in a jungle since the cities you’ve been to were like jungles themselves. At least here, you’ll still be able to differentiate one animal from the rest. Your tour guide dropped you in the middle of a park. However this park retained its natural look and feel. Being a jungle island made it this way.

You extremely enjoyed going around the place. It’s so refreshing to be away from tons of people and just roam around freely with the animals. You found it amazing how the animals just looked your way like you’re any other animal. However, you easily lost your way. Play Jungle Island Escape outdoor escape game by 143 Guys.

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