Jungle Forest Escape (Mirchigames) Game

Jungle Forest Escape (Mirchigames)

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The forest has these strange structures and because Lewis was pretty interested in such, he decided to go there and record everything he'll see and maybe the local researchers will recognize his discovery and it's more likely they will, that's because the place has no data at all, that's pretty weird though why. Lewis is in the area now and there seems to be some structures there which he has no idea what its purpose are, but he still continued for that's his purpose of coming there. As Lewis proceeds further, he seems to have realize that the frequency of the structures are increasing, maybe he is leading himself into something good! But sadly though it was the opposite.

Lewis kept going into the place until, he got lost! This is definitely not good now and that's when he remembered that he should have set a guideline! Curse his forgetfulness he said, now that factor could get him into some real trouble there and it will get worst especially when the sun sets. Escape players, come and join in the escape here everyone with Lewis, navigate carefully and make-use of all the clues you will find, for if you don't then expect to be led deeper into the wilderness!

Jungle Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Mirchigames.

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