Jungle Forest 3

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Closer Lewis goes and he thinks he will be able to escape the forest where he was soon, he is starting to think that this is not getting any easier for the jungle is thick and filled with old stone structures which he must pass through first so he can get himself out of there, this is what he gets after taking a shortcut so he can escape quickly, now he must suffer the consequences of his actions, or there might be another way through this?

Escape players, will you once again join Lewis here in escaping the forest which he entered for an adventure before night finally comes and he’ll have to make camp? He really doesn’t want to make camp in the place for there are a lot of mosquitoes and he doesn’t have enough provisions to spend another day in the place. Place yourself on the shoes of Lewis here everyone and be ready for more challenges in the forest before you can escape successfully.

Jungle Forest 3 is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel and is a part of the first one as the start of the series.