Joyous Goodly Seahorse Escape

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The forest has a delicate balance here and that’s why it needs to be taken care of for poachers have already ravaged the place of the things they can sell from there before. A few more years of that then this place here could have finally fallen, but that was stopped though by the authorities and now this wilderness is starting to spring back. As a person stationed there, Kurt knows a little too well of the place and its fascinating secrets, for he had been there for five years already and through that time he had seen it all.

One that is actually keeping this place afloat was this spirit who lives in the heart of the forest and the thing takes-up as a big seahorse floating in the air! Of course Kurt was the only person who knows this, for he had done a great service to the forest and that made the spirit trust him. For a while now as Kurt was on his post, everything seems to have quiet down, that’s all thanks to the mutual work him and this spirit was doing, now the forest is at peace. But not for long though, for as Kurt was reclining that day, he received a subliminal message and it was coming from the seahorse spirit! It said it is currently in trouble and it needs help! What kind of help it needs now? Surely it isn’t poachers for they are doing quite well there in the forest. It could be something serious for the message sounded urgent, and of course Kurt will definitely not ignore that. Escape players, you will now be playing as Kurt here and the rescue from whatever is troubling the seahorse spirit must be carried-out. Will you be able to face whatever it is and save the spirit of the forest here?

Joyous Goodly Seahorse Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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2 years ago

g4k ‘jigsaws’ never open for me