Joyful Santa Escape Game

Joyful Santa Escape

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Santa is the most joyful person that you know. Not only that, he is also very generous and very kind. It is sad that he doesn't have time to meet everyone in the neighborhood. But lucky you, you had a chance to meet him in the flesh. However, it is not in a favorable circumstance when you met him. He is in a room and he badly needs help. Good thing that you are around the area when you saw him. He can't open the door in one house where he delivered the gift. Unfortunately, that house doesn't have a chimney. You know how huge was the responsibility that Santa has. It is just a little gesture to help him to it would be a huge help for him. What you need to do is to look for items that you can use to open the door.

There are some puzzles that you might encounter. You need to use your logic to solve those puzzles. You should not worry too much about those puzzles because there are clues that can help you out. Joyful Santa Escape is the newest room escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun!

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