Joyful Girl Escape Game

Joyful Girl Escape

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The village had been quite dim when nobody is making it colorful, that's because it is located in the deep recesses of the forest and it can be sad in there at times, but there was this girl however who really tries her best to make the place as cheerful as ever and it actually works! That's why the village had nominated her as the village's muse and her job is to think of activities every week which can bring joy to the villagers especially to the children there. A few weeks passed and the girl was doing her job very well! But one day however something happened to her for she missed presenting her activity for the week, well actually that's because she is trapped in her own home!

The village needs her cheerfulness again so that is why she needs to be saved! Escape players, somebody needs help here and of course along with that, the village's happiness are at stake as well. Care to join in the rescue here everyone and see if you can help the girl out before she gets hurt?

Joyful Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Avm Games.

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