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Joyance Girl Escape

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Oh Joy it brought to Elena when her jolly friend returned to town, she had been away for years and Elena have really no idea what happened to her then. But now that she has returned, Elena is going to pay her a visit and she knows she'll be welcomed, for she knows her friend well and she is a very kind girl, well now a woman. Elena finally arrives at the house and she called for her friend then, the door was open so she entered and continued to call, but nobody answered. There were just some muffled voices there which Elena tried to follow. Elena followed the voice and in the back of her mind she thought it's got to be her friend, and it is! But unfortunately, she is not in a great situation there.

Elena found her friend trapped in a room and she was struggling and calling for help! It's a good thing Elena came and even though she doesn't want their introduction after a long time of not seeing each other to be like this, it's still good for she'll be helping her friend there as their introduction. Escape players, Elena needs some help here still for she is not familiar with her friend's house anymore for it had changed. Will you be able to help her find stuff that can help on the rescue?

Joyance Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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