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Journey Escape 4

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It was raining hard and the people had all gone to find a place of shelter. However, you were still outside as you looked for the lucky coin your aunt gave you. You weren't a big superstitions fan. But growing up with aunt, you began to understand and accept her beliefs. The coin was one of her most prized possession. Yet she willingly gave it to you saying that you needed it more than she did. All she wanted was that you took good care of the coin. And you were trying your best to do so. But today was such full bad luck that you took out you coin to hold it in the palm of your hand. You were hoping the coin's good luck would replace the negative vibe you were having. Yet as you were walking down the steps, the coin fell and rolled off.

You were busy looking for the coin that you didn't notice the open manhole. You fell down until you reached a hard surface. Looking around, it wasn't the sewer. Instead it was a cave with candles. You would have been fine if you were alone. But it seemed like someone was living there and you just felt that you shouldn't be there. Play Journey Escape 4 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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