Journey Escape - 2 Game

Journey Escape - 2

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After you survived the previous level, surprisingly, you wanted more. You somehow couldn't believe that you escaped the previous level and that you were looking for more. This wasn't your everyday surrounding. And you knew that you didn't really have any idea as to how long you'd be doing this. But still, you wanted to enjoy as much of it as possible. You found yourself inside the cave with some unusual yet enchanting stuffs. You couldn't stop yourself from interacting with the objects. Yet they proved to be helpful as you discovered more items that were helpful in your navigation of the place. Then again, you couldn't help but feel someone else's energy inside the cave. This sensing ability of yours only surfaced from the previous level. But it seemed like it would be with you through your journey until the very end.

You were still figuring out its advantage to you. Somehow you just felt like it was a distraction. Yet it could also save you from something more harmful. You continued walking inside the cave and occasionally stopping to solve puzzles along the way. And you couldn't be happier with what you were experiencing. Although to escape was still first on your list. Play Journey Escape 2 room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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