Jolly Boy Rescue 2 Game

Jolly Boy Rescue 2

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Jolly Boy was the real super hero of our era. Sadly, the time has not spared him and he died last year, at the age of 89. The whole world mourned for him. Most of the people started to lose confidence and the faith in the police. They thought it will be hard to keep the criminal rate as low as Jolly Boy managed to. They were right. Gangs returned from hiding, riots started in cities, in a few months, the world reached the edge of a total chaos. At this moment, a group of scientists, took Jolly Boy DNA and used it to create an army. An army of android super heroes, who will spread out and keep the peace around the world. Although they're still in an early test period, they managed to reduce the number of crimes in a few weeks. They still have one weak point though. Without a core element, they cannot function. This element is a coin. Help this one by putting its coin in, to save the parachuter. Good luck!

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