Jolly Boy And Puppy Escape Game

Jolly Boy And Puppy Escape

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You are needed here for a rescue escape players, may you get this done and test your skills against it. Jolly Boy And Puppy Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Everything in the village was peaceful that day and Liven saw that it was, as a resident of the village for years he had seen some stuff but he thought that day he knows it will be slow and decent. But unfortunately, he was dead wrong however for there were two things that got trapped in places and they are in-need of a rescue! There was this boy living near Liven and he knows him very well, and on the next door there was a family but they never really stay long for the children had school and the parents had businesses to attend to. What's trap in there though was their puppy and it was howling like it really was in-trouble.

Liven was the only one living near the two separate houses and he knows the puppy can be easily freed from the place, but the boy is the priority so he needs to rescue him first. Escape players, what would you do if you're faced with such a situation here? Come and try the rescue challenge then, place yourself on Liven and expect the unexpected, for all you know the two might be trapped in just the same door and under one roof here.

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