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Joker Escape

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Joker Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games. Enjoy and try your best rescuing the royal fool of the kingdom!

There is a small village in the coastal area and that is where the joker or the kingdom's royal fool lives. That day Arman was ordered there for as the king's messenger, he must fulfill his job by answering the king's requests and that day, he needed the fool to entertain his new guests. These were bad times and the fool will have no choice but to comply, well that's if he is rid of a certain problem there at the moment.

Arman arrived in the village and he was welcomed, but he was soon given a report that the fool was trapped in his own house and people have been trying to get him out of there, mysteriously none of them could get him out. It's a good thing Arman had brought a few of the king's men as force and he had basic understanding of lock-picking too, but he reckons he won't have to use it. Escape players, Arman is going to need some help in rescuing the royal joker, care to join in and see if you can all save him successfully? Good luck then and have fun!

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