Jerk Isaac Escape

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Cris needs help that day, for his friend got trapped in a room there in his house! Of course as a close-friend of his, Clint will definitely help his friend to also help his friend. Clint asked who was this friend of his, he answered Isaac. Clint asked again, who was this Isaac? It was actually that jerk Isaac who lives in their neighborhood!

At first Clint didn’t want to help for this guy was a supreme bully and he has no idea why Cris who was a good guy, was even friends with him. Clint was definitely hesitating, but Cris really tried to convince him for the problem was urgent. Eventually Clint decided that he’ll help, after all if he does then this guy might have a change of heart of not bullying him every time they see each other. Escape players, Clint was hesitating but now he is good, you are now Clint here and the rescue for Isaac was the task. He is currently trapped in the room there in Cris’ place. Will you be able to free Isaac there with what you’ve got and what you can find?

Jerk Isaac Escape is another new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Jerk Isaac Escape

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