Japanese Warrior Escape Game

Japanese Warrior Escape

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We go back to the days of old when feudal nations still exist and land conquering is still too common, one of those nation before was Japan or Edo and even though they have wins, they also have losses on their attempts. One of which was still currently happening, and that's an entire squad failed to capture a land which had castles that looked like European! But they know the place they are in is nowhere near Europe even! On their failed formation though everyone scattered, some were captured, the others however were able to escape. A few of those who never escaped the place was Kishi and a squad leader who was his superior, but he is being held captive inside that castle they were trying to invade.

Kishi had two options upon knowing this, flee from the place and return home, or rescue the squad leader who was famous for decision-making and is also good in battle. Kishi decided on the latter and he has huge regrets now, but Kishi must get through those doors and out for there are still an entire squad trapped in the place they are in and they needed a commander. Escape players, Kishi is going to rescue his superior from a castle who is likely to be very guarded, will you help him out so that they can leave or whatever the commander desires?

Japanese Warrior Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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