Japanese Room Game

Japanese Room

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"Itadakimasu!" which means "Let's eat!" is the only Japanese word that you can understand. Aside from that, you know nothing else. So whenever you hear that phrase, you know that there is a good sushi coming through. But this time, it is not the sushi which called you to the Japanese Room. It was an old friend whom you beat on taekwondo. He can't accept that you beat him in his home country. So he used your favorite word as a trap and he locked you inside the Japanese Room. However, Taekwondo can't help you to escape but these Japanese objects inside the room can! And because you can't read or understand Japanese, you have to use your logic to analyze the clues.

Roam around the room and look for the possible clues that can help you to escape. You may also need some items that you can use to open the door. Escape from the Japanese Room as fast as you can and prove that you not only good at taekwondo, but also in escape games! Play this brand new point and click room escape game by 365 Escape and use your logic to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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