Japanese Girl Escape Game

Japanese Girl Escape

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Japanese Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by 8b Games for more fun escapes with us daily. Best of luck!

Miguel was pretty bored in his home that day, but he had just the right person to go without his parents scolding him for going outside, and that is his neighbor's house where a Japanese girl and her parents lives. Miguel had been friends with the girl ever since she first moved 3 years ago, from then Miguel had been guiding her on their culture so she can fit in. It's going to be another fun day and good interesting food from her family now, but sadly he was greeted by something else and it's definitely none of the two mentioned.

Miguel entered the house and weirdly, nobody would respond to him back, so he just checked the rooms for his friend and even for her parents, but unfortunately still nothing. Miguel just decided to leave for a bit and just come back later, but well he couldn't for the doors are now locked and because he was alone in the place, nobody can help him there! Miguel is being bombardment by different situations left and right, but will he still be able to escape and find some answers what is going-on? Escape players, you can join in on the house escape here, place yourself on the shoes of Miguel and have fun escaping with us everyday!

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