Jade Room Escape Game

Jade Room Escape

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You look like just one of the annoying nerds of the school. People always think of you as someone who shouldn't be breathing the air you're breathing. For a while, it bothered you. However, as time goes by, you begin to simply ignore all of their teasing. You've found something much more worthy of your time. And it started when you were hiding from the bullies in the library. Among the books, you find peace and comfort. So you make sure to spend time inside the library. And get lost inside the world of books. A book about escaping fell off the shelves one day and everything changed. You're now able to travel among different worlds. But before going out and exploring the new world in front of you, you have to escape a room. This room is the starting point of your adventure.

Every room is a fun challenge for you. Especially when it has some things that you don't get to interact with everyday. Since you don't know the owner, and you're not sure if there's an owner, you get to freely flip things over. How will you with this jade room this time? Play Jade Room Escape room escape game by The Escape Games.

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