Jackaroo Escape Game

Jackaroo Escape

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Jackaroo Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. Have Fun and be careful of the hidden traps there!

Jack was looking for treasures in the form of mounds and mounds of gold! But in-order to get to it, one should really solve the puzzles of the catacombs where it is hidden first and as Jack tested the challenges there, it's definitely not easy. Before Jack went on the hunt, he said that if he doesn't get back out in a specific time, his companion who was Dom must follow his tracks inside for that would signify he is in some trouble at that moment. After a while since Jack entered, the allotted time ended and Dom needs to get in there now for there's no sign of Jack yet, he had a hard time deciding but eventually, he went.

Dom was absolutely spooked of the place, but he needs to keep going on the rescue for Jack. He ventured into the darkness until, he actually found Jack and it was sudden enough that he almost ran! Jack was actually trapped in some prison down there which clearly looked like a trap of the complex which he unfortunately fell for. Escape players, Dom is going to have a hard one prying his friend out of that cell-block there, will he be able to so they can both get out of the place? Join Dom here escape players as he rescues his friend Jack from the dark catacombs. Good luck!

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