Jack And Jennie Love Story - Rescue The Passport Game

Jack And Jennie Love Story - Rescue The Passport

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You are one of the greatest fans of love stories. You actually spend your free time searching through the web on love stories to read and watch. Any love story is good for you. Sometimes you feel like watching rom-coms. Other times you want to watch heavy drama stuffs. Whatever kind it is, you're in for it. But one of the stories that you can't help but love every single time is your friends'. You knew them since high school days. The three of you were the closest friends. You lived right next to each other and spent most of the memorable events in your lives together. But just like everything else, changes happened. And so you were forced to be apart from each other. You moved to another part of the city. While Jennie left for America and Jack stayed in London. You witnessed two hearts breaking.

And you can't sit still and do nothing. So you keep on egging Jack to follow his heart. Jack doesn't need you egging him since he just can't live without Jennie. All his bags are packed and he's about to leave for the airport. But one very important thing is missing - his passport. Play Jack And Jennie Love Story - Rescue The Passport room escape game by Knf Games.


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