Italian Venice Street Escape

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Venice is such a marvel of a city, it’s a place that sits on what was once marshland and what it became now is absolutely wonderful. But the city is sinking though just a few centimeters every year, people just hopes that the centuries-old wooden beams below hit solid rock or something so that the sinking would stop, that prompted tourists from all-over the world to see the place for every year the flooding problem just gets worst and people wanted to see the place as its best. As one of those tourists, Mandy came to the place from across the world and as she saw it, the Italian city is definitely awesome!

Mandy roamed around that day as tourists would do, there were parts that are dry and some quite submerged with at least inches of water, still her visit there was great. But that’s overall though, for aside from that Mandy got into a problem and now it is still a problem up to this point! Escape players, Mandy is lost in Venice and she is quite lucky, for well it’s Venice! But she needs to get back to where she is staying though which was not in the city and quickly now before she misses her ride. Will you be able to help out so that Mandy can get UN-lost there in such a treasure of a city?

Italian Venice Street Escape is a brand new point and click area escape game released by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Italian Venice Street Escape


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