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Scary things weren't your thing. You easily freak out about a lot of stuffs. They be creepy or not. Your friends always tease you about it. However, you memorized their teasing. It didn't bother you anymore. It was when they were not teasing you that you get worried. Because that would mean that someone else was playing pranks on you. And you wouldn't know how far they will go. A moment later, someone messaged you. You were invited to be in an address. Your friends were gathering for the week. You enjoyed these simple gatherings which made you believe you were not alone. So you immediately went to the location. Then you saw a house. You thought your friends were setting you up again so you just played along. However, the stuffs were the unusual ones.

You tried calling out to them but no one was responding. Instead, you found yourself in the middle of a creepy area.  Evil was everywhere. You wanted to run away but you knew at times like these, you had no other choice but to finish the challenge. Play It Escape outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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