Isometric Escapes

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Escape players, you have to try this escape game which the location is kind of like in some 3D model rooms. Challengers must try to find clues and items in these said rooms for that can help on the escape from there. The escape from the place can be easy or quite hard, but that would depend on your skills and logic.

Come and join in the escape here now, be ready with what you will face there and keep going through the puzzles until you are able to escape.

Isometric Escapes is a brand new point-and-click escape game from Isotronic.

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Walkthrough video for Isometric Escapes

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3 months ago

I don’t know what kind of heavy (and apparently veeeeery beautiful) graphics are here, but when I launched this game, my poor graphics card, turning its cooler on full blast, heated up by more than 70 degrees Celsius. I’ve never had this happen with other Isotronic games. And, by the way, I didn’t have any problems with the isometric game “Doors: Paradox,” where the graphics are three orders of magnitude more beautiful.

I conclude: this game is for the trash can.